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  • HIIT Session

    Transform your level of fitness on this 8 week HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session. It’s a 30 minute fast and furious workout.

    HIIT is a form of interval training, a cardio workout alternating short periods of intense exercise with recovery periods.

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  • Bootcamp Circuit Training

    Use this session to improve your overall fitness level. Train at your own pace within a friendly group environment in Doncaster.

    These sessions are outdoors.

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  • RunFit Session

    Running based outdoor sessions, focussing on speed, stamina and strength training.

    PLEASE NOTE: A base level of fitness is required to take part in this session; it will not be suitable for beginners or those less active. A minimum requirement is the ability to run continuous, for at least 10-15minutes, at an average 9minute mile pace.

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  • Physical Activity clears all CVD risk from patients with Diabetes

    Moe B et al Diabetes Care March 2013 vol. 36 no. 3 690-695

  • Physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death worldwide

    The Lancet

  • Single Sessions of Physical Activity can enhance Attention and Memory

    Hillman et al. (2009). Neuroscience,159, 1044-1054


A choice of exercise based fitness networking events. These circuit training and run sessions will suit anyone with a desire to get fit and make your social and business contacts healthier, as it brings together both opportunities.

“Sitting in the same position all day and eating unhealthy food on-the-go too often led me to the idea of combining two things I love – fitness and business networking.”

We all know that fitness and wellbeing is important for our ability to function and work more effectively. Couple this with a network of social and business contacts; it becomes more fun.

Steve has been helping me with my general fitness for three weeks. Not only has it been great fun but I am already starting to feel great improvements


We did numerous sessions inside and outdoors, all were varied and didn’t get monotonous. I am very happy to recommend Steve and will continue to use his services

Company Director – Wealth Management

I am a work in progress but with Steve’s help and guidance I will achieve my goals. Thanks Steve. Keep pushing me



Steve Kitchman is a level 3 qualified fitness professional, a spin instructor, bonsai pot maker and an experienced, enthusiastic business networker. Steve has a business background in sales, design and client relationships and has taken part in various forms of fitness related activity for over 30 years.

“I’m in a position where I have experienced the pressures of running my own business and being in sales, which means that I understand what many of us have to juggle – exercise tends to get pushed down the ‘to do’ list. I meet a lot of people in business who don’t get the time to exercise and become stressed as a result”

If I can set an example that being over 50 is not a barrier to keeping in shape, then my goal will have been achieved.”